Dario Del Priore
Dario Del Priore

About Me

Hi, I'm Dario, I'm 13 years old, currently in the 8th grade. My mom says I started singing at two with video to prove it but my first time performing in front of an audience was at my 5th grade talent show. I covered a song and sang it acapella. I knew when it was over, that singing and acting would forever be a part of my life.  

The rush I got from just being out there in front of so many people and the reaction I got from my peers made me want to continue performing in front of even more audiences, bigger audiences!  I was hooked!!  And so it went; there was Coney Island, Freehold Idol, Laurita Winery, New Jerseys Got Talent and Access Broadway to name a few.  I've won some and lost some but for me it was all about connecting with people through my music. I intend to try out for Americas Got Talent in November if they hold auditions in New York.  I will keep you posted. 


Currently, I'm part of Count Basie Voices; a vocal group out of Red Bank that gets to perform with some very famous artists.  I've been on stage with Abba Mania, Patti Lupone and the Bobby Bandiera band. Soon, I will have the chance to perform with Rita Moreno and Kenny Rogers to name a few. Wow! I can't wait. I'm also in a couple more competitions and will hopefully be going to the Carolinas to perform for Talent Watch.  


To date, I've written 2 original songs, Moving On and 4UGirl. Making them was so much fun..watch my videos!  I'm tapping into Ableton (music software) and learning to mix and master my own beats. I will eventually create, mix and master my own music from beginning to end. This will take some time as I am teaching myself. You'd be surprised how much you can learn on Youtube.  I am even taking piano lessons which will be a huge asset in my beat production.


What's new with me? Lots!! I am in the process of making an album with the help of a very talented young music producer.  We've completed 2 songs and have a lot more to go. Hoping to release something in February. Also I've enrolled in some hip hop classes. Class seems fun so far and I seem to be getting a great workout. Oh, and on the acting side - Yes, I love theatre as well; had some great lead roles like Link Larkin (Hairspray) and Snoopy (You're a Good Man Charlie Brown).  I'm hoping to get into some sort of a vocal/theatre program for high school. On the modeling end, I've done quite a bit of print work and online social media ad work. I recently did a Quaker Oats ad for chewy granola bars. That was fun. These can be found on Pinterest and Instagram. And......I will be in a feature film soon!! Ironically, I was cast for the role of an avid baseball player. For those of you that know me, I was an Allstar travel baseball player in my town for years.  I play, not as much but I definitely still have it in me.


What's my goal in life? I have many actually, but 1 main one. I'm doing what I enjoy most and staying focused while doing it. And, I hope in the end that I can make music that you can connect with. That's my main goal; make great music that you enjoy and for me to have fun while making it. Music is my escape, my life.  I couldn't imagine a world without the positive energy I get from it. I've never gone a day without music. I will keep working hard to bring you my best work! Please keep listening and keep sharing. Always, thanks for all your support!